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About Brasofo

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Brain Solar foundation is an association which was founded by LIMNYUY PELASIUS NJOSHU in 2016 with the vision of making education dreams of children living in rural areas a reality and also to target some facilities lacking in villages especially in the domain of information technology, solar energy development, water projects for rural areas, small community radio stations for rural areas and other services lacking in rural areas which could improve the living standards of the Rural dwellers (children|) and facilitate the education of children for he believes that the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow and that it’s better to teach a child how to catch fish instead of teaching him how to eat fish as it could be dangerous to him and the society if there is no fish for him to eat.

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The Problems

Children finding it difficult to study while their parents are expecting good results from them. Now the question is ‘‘can this be possible with this poor study conditions?’’

The problem we have come across after going through statistics gotten from our agents in the field is that 95% of students drop out of school in villages. 60% of these children drop out at the primary level, 25% at the secondary and high school level, thus leaving us with 15% of students from villages who make it up to the university level of education while only 5% complete their education.

Many dropouts that were interviewed by our agents gave reasons that inadequate facilities with electricity being the main problem are the cause of their dropout from school. In the domain of information technology, 95% of students in villages are computer illiterates due to lack of electricity in these villages. 5% of the literate students in information technology are those who mostly go on holidays in towns

The Solution

Providing a comfortable environment for village children to study for a better tomorrow.’

Brain solar foundation has as one of its objectives to enhance education through the installation of solar systems in village study halls all over Cameroon with the aim of reducing this percentage of school dropouts to at least 5%. We believe that universal access to renewable energy is the best way to reduce school dropouts, increase education standards and a positive output for all village children.


The above image is the structure we have planned to put in every village and equip it with enough solar lights to enable children to study with ease. We also have to install some computers in this building for the children to use and study for statistics have shown that most of these children who school in villages come across a computer physically only at the level of the university thus develop less interest for it.

Welfare Volunteers

Our Team Of Specialists

Limnyuy Pelasius Njoshu


Bongfen Nestor

Team Leader - Solar Technician

Ngitir Judith Verbe

Organization representative

Chengwe Corlins Nyungwu

Project Coordinator

Our Impacts

Our Areas Of Concern


Educating a village child as the future of tomorrow

Computer Awareness

Teaching people computer at the primary school level

Renewable energy

Renewable energy resources have a greater impact on village children


With solar pumps, clean water will be brought in to the villages.

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