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Installation of solar systems

Training and installation of solar energy systems in rural areas to improve the living standards of rural dwellers and to facilitate education for children.

Donating and installation of solar equipment

Donation and installation of solar equipment to abandoned old women/men especially widows and widowers in rural areas. Most of the children in villages are children abandoned by their parents to go seek greener pastures in town and these children hardly go to school since there is no or little control over them from their grandparents who are already old and have no physical force to control them. We have also noticed that in villages, most of these old people hardly have a lamp for these children to study or they could only have one lamp that is being used for everything in the house.  This makes the children to develop less interest in reading since most of the times these lamps are displaced for other use. When they even try to concentrate on their books and even when the lamps are not displaced, smoke coming out of these lamps will make them to start sleeping so they cannot produce good results in school then end up dropping out from school. Brain solar foundation has seen that it is necessary to assist these old persons living with children will solar lamps to help these children study.

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